(Revue Bimestrielle)

Société Nationale de Colombiculture
Adressez vous à : Philippe HUDRY
Brunel 74150 VALLIERES

My point of view

This links magazin bethwen Fanciers club's and the S.N.C. is really well built. You will find inside each magazin near 60 colors photos as well as others in black and white. Many beautiful articles, writen by greats masters French Fancier, but also many celebrities foreigners. However I would have just one reproach to do to this magazin, which is might be publish each week, not only bimonthly because it's too long to wait all this time. Whereas few hours are necessary to devour it quickly, but that the editorial staff don't worry even if the newpaper were to publish every two days that wouldn't suffice myself for my thirst of knowledge.